Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Ophellie Joy Lukman's Birthday Party

hey bloggers...

How are you everyone, Apologised I didn't post any blog yesterday, I was busy to help my bestie for her daughter's birthday party. I would like to share you about the party of my friend. It was very cute for decoration, my friend illustrated the wall by her self, very creative. the foods were okay, (not bad, but the cake was so yummyyyyy & I loved the pattern of the cake, so beautiful)....

here we go...all the pictures...
The Birthday Girl, (Photos by: Jurine & Stephen)

The Foods (Photos by: Jurine & Stephen)

Designed by Jurine

Left to Right: (Tante Mira, Ollie, Jurine, & Stephen)

The Cake (photos by: Jurine & Stephen)

Sunday, 8 January 2012

BBQ's Party

hey bloggers..

What have you been doing, I just got home from stayed over at my bestfriend house, and we had bbq party at park, we supposed to have bbq at geelong, we got best view, but unfortunately it was raining, so we changed the place to Albert park, (like icha said,"emang rezeki qta cuman di Albert Park) heheheh, it was true..it was sunny, and beautiful weather in Albert Park, and we drove whole way to Albert Park, it took around a hour, ahahha  berasa kyk nyetir jakarta-bandung tanpa macet. anyway, we chilled out at Albert Park, I made macaroni's schotel..they loved it, ampe sih hasby,n genk point sempet ketar-ketir gak kebagian macaroni gw..untung I left some for them. and also, icha made some games for kids, and adults, the game was about running with marble (read in indo: balapan kelereng)..

At Geelong, (1st plan>>before changed to Albert Park)

my bestie lagi mejeng 

At Geelong

The food

Left to Right (Kak Nona,Naisya,Teh Fitri)

The Ladies


Balapan Kelereng began

Adeekkk (omaggodd, he's so cutteee)

Om, Fadila,Hasby, Twins

Kak Nona & Noah

Left to right (Om,fadila,hasby>hidden from d kids) d birthday people

Left to right (Noah,Icha,tante)

Tante w/ kids

Opened Presents

Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Modern Contemporary Art Deco

Hi again..

kali ini gw bukan mau ngomongin fashion, this's time I am gonna talk about interiors for my coming's project. actually, this's project, I just helping my friend to renovate his apartment. and kebetulan I'll be home again soon by next couple weeks, daripada gw bengong n nganggur gak jelas dijakarta, jadinya gw bantu-iin dia, I think It'll be fun, can't wait to design and have fun to play some colours for his apartment.
berhubung sekarang gw masih dioverseas, jadinya gw masih agak bingung dia maunya kayak apa buat apartment. so those are some inspired for my coming's project for his apartment. he told me, he wants something glamour, classic, and contemporary, and he likes art-deco style..so that is it..

Living room's idea

untuk sementara living room dulu ya..I'll post it more 2moro morning, in her it's almost 2am tho...

gotta bed..

good nite everyone